Saturday, April 23

To my Conservative Friends

We need to talk. I know you have some hesitation about my candidacy, so I'd like to share with you a little bit about who I am, and what I'll do in Ottawa.

I have a proven track record of community leadership and sound fiscal management. I have taken principled stands on issues that are important to me and our community. I do not dodge the tough questions, but hit them head on. I do not fear the people I want to represent. I respect the voters and the democratic process too much not to be fully engaged in spirited debate. Our fathers and mothers fought and died so that we could have the freedom to choose our elected leaders. Our sons and daughters in uniform continue today in that heroic tradition. Failing to participate in the process diminishes their sacrifice.

I have lived in southern Alberta for almost 40 years. I am a proven leader, and have extensive executive management experience and community involvement. I have friends and colleagues from across the political spectrum. I have a history of bringing people together, not needlessly dividing them.

I can follow in the dedicated and trusted representation that Mr. Casson so ably provided for his terms in office. While our policies and perspectives differ, I know Mr. Casson to be a faithful public servant, who sacrificed much to give the Lethbridge riding the kind of representation it deserves and demands. He leaves big shoes to fill, and it is my hope that you will provide me with the same opportunity to speak for Lethbridge in parliament, continuing in his footsteps.

In Ottawa, I will work hard to earn your continued respect as I put the priorities of the Lethbridge riding first. I will ensure that the voice of southern Alberta is heard in parliament.

So, I ask that you trust me with your sacred vote, and to allow me to represent you and the interests of southern Alberta in Ottawa, as together, we make our community stronger and more prosperous.

On May 2nd I ask you to vote Michael Cormican for Lethbridge.

Thank you,


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