Friday, April 15

Thursday Was a Day of Learning! But What's With the Snow!?

Thought snow was finished but had to shovel for ¾ hr. to get out at home, then got stuck at the office. Attended SACPA session by Dr. Michelle Hogue discussing ‘BARRIERS TO SUCCESS FOR ABORIGINAL STUDENTS in POST-SECONDARY (SCIENCE) EDUCATION’. Excellent talk.

Then had and interview by a young lady with respect to why I’m running for office and my beliefs. Attended open house on the proposed Anaerobic digestion facility at the Perry farm at Chin. Great to hear about such imaginative and in keeping with the cycle of nature advancements in the farming industry. 

I finished-off the day attending the Community meeting on the issue of Fracking held at the Library. Everyone was asked to convey their concerns about and request a moratorium on the practice until we can all be assured as to its safety not only in the short but in the long-term.

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