Sunday, April 3

A Long, Full, Day

Got home after 11 last night. Spoke to Gloria a few minutes and then on to the computer. Then quick scan of the papers of the day but dozed and unable to pull myself off the chair. Bed @ 2 or after.

However, had good day. First on Friday, visited Tim's on 43rd on own. Ran into some outspoken oil patch workers who forgot their manners at home.

However, better in pm where attended a fundraising dinner for Cancer at the Eagles Hall. The company and feedback was reassuring and the stake was bang-on. Hats off to the cooks and the Eagles org. for the great work they do. Also did some door-knocking along 13th St. South. A couple families asked for some lawn signs.

Yesterday also better - some coffee shop visiting at Scenic Drive Tim's. More and more people responding to the Liberal message.  One patron at Tim's quickly noted the recent CBC poll which shows that answering yes to the questions posed suggests you are Liberal. Some readily disclose which way they're voting while some prefer to keep it private. 

Attended a ham supper fundraiser at First United Church and renewed some friendships and made some new ones. The ham was tasty and tender. My compliments to the cooks. Keep-up the great work. That's the kind of stuff that generates community and goodwill which is what life's all about.

Then thanks to Tyler I topped off the day and really enjoyed a steel drum concert at the U of L.

Feedback continues heart-warming and uplifting.

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