Wednesday, April 13

Another Good Day!

I can't tell if this campaign is a marathon or a sprint! Five weeks is short, but the days are busy and long!

After scan of the papers started day at Tim's on Scenic. Generally positive response. Then met with Rod from Metis Association followed by visit to Alberta Rose Lodge.

Had lunch in Coaldale and visited lodge and Senior Center with friend, Dr. Jim. Was joined by friend Bruce from Calgary door-knocking on North Parkside Drive followed by supper and the Leaders Debate in English.

Michael certainly performed well and they all did a good job reminding Mr. Harper of his record, deception, and lack of responsibility but side-stepped the issues playing the "poor defenceless kid being picked-on by the others" role.

Then Bal joined Bruce and I campaigning on McMaster Blvd where we secured locations for larger signs.

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