Tuesday, April 5

On the Campaign Trail!

Started early today and got the latest policy release focusing on veterans (Vets not jets!)  before visiting with people at the northside McDonalds. First hour was a little slow but after 9 the pace picked up.

Talked with LOTS of people. Some challenged me on Liberal policy (I LOVE good questions!), others were very supportive, and some had yet to make up their minds. Great! That's what an election is all about!

Again by and large very gratifying and uplifting. Also, did a little door-to-door and got more sign locations. Really enjoying seeing more signs go up!

Tonight I hope to get to the Vox Musica concert. Rutter's Mass for the Children is a wonderfully moving piece. Plus I'd like to connect with some fellow music lovers in the community.

Hopefully my schedule permits. But right now my main priority is meeting YOU and hearing what you have to say!

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