Sunday, April 24

Consider the Facts when considering who to vote for

Is it appropriate to throw away billions unnecessarily to corporations that so often benefits too few rather than helping the many struggling Canadians - students that have had to quit school because of debt for their education, young couples and seniors struggling to get by and the many Canadian workers and small independent businessmen that have no pensions. Canada's corporate rate is lowest of the G7 and 25% below that of the US. The experts and even the Gov. dept. tells us that this is not the best way to spur and drive the economy. I say it’s irresponsible to cut taxes for corporations at this time.

Then there's the unnecessary billions the Conservatives are intent on squandering on un-tendered fighter-jets and US-style mega prisons which approach to crime failed in the US and will fail in Canada too. Who was it that put us back in debt even before the recession took hold?

The Conservatives try to tell us they’re the best fiscal managers. Now after 5 and a half years of them running (or should I say ruining) our country, our debt is right back where it was in 1993, 570 billion when Liberals took-over from the Mulroney Conservatives. We took us out of debt then and we'll do it again. Check the facts! We need people with the ability to lead at home and abroad.

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