Sunday, April 3

Kickoff Speech

Welcome Friends, Bonjour, Oki,
We are here today because we are concerned about the direction in which our great country is headed.

With contempt of parliament, fake lakes, and out-of-control deficits; we KNOW that Canada TRULY deserves better.

It’s time to return to caring, compassionate government, a government that puts the priorities of YOU and YOUR families first.

So, on May 2nd elect a government that chooses
  • PENSIONS not prisons
  • that chooses CHILD CARE not corporate give-away’s
  • that chooses an EDUCATED WORKFORCE not overpriced fighter jets.

Our plan IMPROVES peoples’ lives. Our plan puts our country back on track.

And I need your help. Because together, we will PUT PEOPLE FIRST, again.

I have been a community leader for over 30 years in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta, and I KNOW the issues of this riding, and I KNOW what needs to be done to make us stronger and more prosperous.

I have spent years working to increase access to opportunities for every Canadian.
I have secured housing for over 60 families.
I have built partnerships with our Aboriginal friends
I have provided programs for people with special needs.

In my work as a health care practitioner and as a manager in Alberta health services, I have seen up close the devastating effects of a starved health care system. As chair of Friends of Medicare, I have defended our public health care system against those who would privatize it.

My fight doesn’t stop there.

I am committed to water conservation, and I am committed to opening economic doors so people from all walks of life can live with dignity and participate in the opportunities this great riding has to offer.

Lethbridge includes the second largest senior population in Canada and we need to protect them. Our Family Care Plan provides REAL support for struggling seniors.

We are going to work hard.
We are determined.

With YOUR help, I WILL EARN the opportunity to serve the people of this great riding.

Together we will make history …
Together we will bring change …
Together we will create a stronger Lethbridge.

Thank You and Merci Beaucoup, Gaedmatsen

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