Monday, April 18

Rest and Preparation

Yesterday was a day for reflection, rest and re-invigoration. I attended church in the morning, and spent the afternoon and evening preparing for a week of upcoming debates with assistance of key members of my team.

This morning I read in the Lethbridge Herald that Mr. Harper continues attempts to escalate his politics of fear to further his attempt to get the majority he wants, raising separation as an issue which has not been raised for years. It’s as if he’s written off Quebec by bringing up an issue that gets Canadians riled up, while solidifying Quebec’s separatist base for the Bloc. It looks like Harper’s becoming Gilles Duceppe’s best friend.

Seems to me Harper is desperately trying to find a wedge issue that might be advantageous to him to get that majority he says he wants. But what is good for Harper is not good for Canadians.

A new Liberal government will bring Canadians together, not create division. We will focus on what unites us, not what divides us.

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