Saturday, April 16

Fabulous Friday!

Was surprised this morning when Justin, a young man that helped me campaigning previously knocked on my door, offering to help again, because he believes that the riding is winnable. I do too! 

(More and more people are coming out of the woodwork to work on the campaign or donate money, help me get elected. Something exciting is happening in Lethbridge!)

In the afternoon I shot a TV ad, with help from Chris, Tyler, and Dustin. George Clooney I am not, but it was fun to do. And I look forward to getting my message out to more people.

Then I popped in at the university and met with some students and staff. Was really impressed with their ideas and energy! I reminded the young people of the importance of voting. After all, we’re voting for the future of our country!

One of my twitter friends recognized me at the U of L, which was wonderful. Was glad to put a face to the username. Had a stimulating catch-up on each others perspectives. 

And from there we went on a very successful door-knocking session along 13th Street North resulting in a few people asking for signs. Always glad to put some signs up!  Thanks Anja, for your help. You were a wonderful door-knocking partner!

Then we dropped in on the combined Lethbridge East and West AGMs of the Alberta Liberal Party, and heard a frank update from MLA Bridget Pastoor.

Before retiring for the evening I dropped by to wish friend Sue well following her hip surgery.

All in all, it was a fabulous Friday!

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