Monday, January 29

You, Me & Dion

One of the highlights for me this past year, was the election of Mr. Dion as Leader of our great party. I wholeheartedly agree with the policies he is emphasizing, since I believe they are what Canadians want and (certainly what I believe) the country needs to progress.

I, like others, have had enough of the selfishness and the dollar being the determinant-- not to mention forgetting about the purpose of our federation. We need leadership and vision, not in the short but for the long-term and Mr. Dion will do that.

I wonder how many have come to realize if they did their income-tax returns or listened to the CD Howe Institute that $1,200.00 per child does not cut it as much as they thought (turning out to be in reality only a few hundred dollars)! We have got to realize that any money received is money earned and subject to tax. Enough said!

Mr. Dion articulates a vision of three Core Pillars so Canada can balance Prosperity, Social Justice and a sustainable Environment which latter includes a research-driven economy to ensure Canada is a global leader.

He has also suggested tax-cuts that encourages business to invest in innovation and that Canadian families be assisted with a tax credit for purchase of energy-saving homes. He has also suggested a supplemental pension account for stay-at-home parents and the self employed and put forward the most comprehensive Aboriginal Peoples Plan to help level the living field for our First Nations people.

Mr. Dion has already made public his "Clean Water Plan, designed to revitalize and protect Canada's Watersheds and ensure a safe, sustainable water supply for all Canadians". And, his "plan is to work in partnership with the Provinces, Municipalities, First Nations and local communities" on solving the issues.

I also applaud Mr. Dion on the need to encourage more participation by women and young people. What do you think? Let’s hear from you! You can tell us on the Federal website or through my blog. Additionally, I may be contacted via email at:

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