Friday, November 9

What Childcare? Canadians want a Child Development Program.

Recently, in newspapers across the country, Human Resources and Social Development Minister Monte Solberg has launched an aggressive editorial campaign promoting his government's actions on childcare and ridiculing those of the previous Liberal government.

If you identify with the Liberal Proposal for A Child Development Program which includes care and wish to use this as a letter or the framework for one please feel free to use it to let Minister Monte Solberg know your feelings.

In response to Human Resources and Social Development Minister Solberg’s letter,
“Investing More” we would like to point out that Minister Solberg’s "choice in child care" rhetoric may have an alluring ring for some, but the fact is the Conservative government has taken a hard right turn on child care policies, and communities and families are paying a price.

The Minister refers to his government’s investments in child care, but fails to note that the last Conservative budget actually slashed $1.2 billion in transfers to the provinces and territories for this year, money that could have increased access to child care spaces. As a result, families have lost out on thousands of new spaces and new investments for early learning and child care. The unprecedented cuts go deeper as the provinces and territories will lose another $1.2 billion in each of the next two years.

In place of funding for expanded early learning and child care services, the Conservatives are providing families a taxable monthly cheque of $100 for each child under six. The Minister wrongly equates this meagre income support with access to child care. It’s not enough for families and it hasn’t made it any easier for families to find child care.

The Minister’s rhetoric rings especially hollow in light of his government’s failure to create the 125,000 new child care spaces promised through its tax credits for businesses. That promise is now long gone, while waiting lists for child care persist. Canadian families, child care advocacy groups, and organizations have given this government a failing grade when it comes to the issue of early learning and development.

The Conservative government’s right turn on child care was the wrong plan for Canada. It fails to deliver choice to Canada’s families. Canada’s families are waiting for action and real leadership. Canadian families and Canada’s children deserve better.

Submitted by the Liberal Party of Canada and Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge Riding

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