Tuesday, November 20

Keeping in Touch

On a windy Saturday, November 17, under sunny skies, I did some pre-election campaigning in Cardston with the help of Russ Whittaker and Lorne McGlynn, my Campaign Manager and his assistant respectfully. Kay D refreshed us at her restaurant before we commenced door-to-door. As usual many were not home and some expressed surprise that we were there, asking if an election that they had not heard about was called. People were nice, some indicated support, giving an indication of disenchantment with the current situation, while a few indicated they were quite happy with the present government, but it appeared that an equal number were hesitant suggesting a need for change and a few indicated concern about the exorbitant expense of an election. Most were politely pleasant. There was one man who appeared to have strong feelings about gun-control being a waste of money. In summary the general mood appeared to reflect what obviously the polls tell us. Despite the fact we have no indication when an election might be called we need to be ready like the good scout, because according to the way things are going on Parliament Hill an election could be called at anytime.

Also, I want to remind you that I may be contacted by responding to this or calling me at 381-7635 if you have concerns or suggestions.

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