Sunday, October 28

Sptember, October Candidate Report

As most of you likely see the media continued their hype about possibility of an election call as well as continue to look for and highlight Liberal activity, looking for a story and I continued busy in preparation as though an election campaign may materialize.

I attended meetings of SHIA (Lethbridge Social Housing), Affordable Housing Committee, Sik-ooh-kotoki Friendship centre and Aboriginal Housing. I also met with Cheryl Dick, Economic Development Lethbridge and attended the weekly SACPA (Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs) including their extra session at the U of L on Sept. 28 where Michael Byers, formerly of Lethbridge spoke on his book ‘Intent for a Nation’ which he wrote to counter George Grants ‘Lament for a Nation’, written in 1967.

As the title of Mr. Grant’s book might imply he described Canada as becoming integrated more and more into the US which Michael after his travels in Britain, the US and elsewhere realizes is not necessarily so for all kinds of reasons. He believes and wants Canadians to realize that we are much greater and have greater influence than most realize and that an independent voice in North America is needed. He introduces himself as a Red Tory of Mr. Harper’s era but has come to the belief that Mr. Harper must be stopped from taking us in the direction he is set on, harmonization and integration with the US. He pointed to and briefly summarized how the Americans mistreated and minimalized Mr. Diefenbaker for attempting to stand up to them and praised Mr. Trudeau for standing up to them and applauded Mr. Chretien for keeping us out of the Iraq war. His belief, and I wholeheartedly concur that Canada considering the size of our population, is the largest exporter to the US as well as being the only nation of the G8 to post 9 balanced budgets before any one else did. He suggests that though we might realistically expect Canada to agree with and be similar in lots of ways with the US we need to be perceived as different and not always agreeing.

I attended the Schizophrenia Society Annual Gala on Sept. 21 and on request took opportunity to speak with Rotary about Medicare and Friends of Medicare on Oct 4; all opportunities for exposure. On Oct 10 I traveled to Edmonton to support Mr. Dion as he addressed a luncheon audience of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. Afterwards I visited for an hour or so with our son and grand daughter before attending the Laurier Club where Mr. Dion spoke again and from there rushed to a “town-hall meeting” at the Bonny Doon Community Hall. About 500 people attended here where Mr. Dion performed like a pro but unfortunately, the Chamber luncheon gained most of the media attention. I and a couple of the Candidates were honored when Mr. Dion asked us to respond to a couple of the questions to give him a break for a sip of water. As I have often said, do not allow the media and Conservatives psych us into writing him off. Can you see Mr. Harper giving such opportunity to any of his candidates?

On Oct. 12 I was back in Edmonton for the Liberal Campaign College on the Saturday and Sunday. It was most informative and Senator Mitchell really pumped us on Sunday. Of course, your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not an election will be triggered though they and we all want to be like the good scout – prepared! The next excitement was the Throne Speech following which I wrote to the Herald to help remind the electorate about the Conservative’s lack of performance and achievement after almost two years in office as well as comment on the ‘Speech’. Please watch for same. On Oct. 19 I attended the Interfaith Foodbank Annual Fundraiser. Several Conservatives were also in attendance.

In general feedback continues positive. Needless to say Conservative acquaintances continue their “psych-down” approach also pushed by the media. Unfortunately, I find myself having to counter it with some Liberals who buy into it too. We’ve got to be cautious of the biases projected by the media and I say all Liberals are ambassadors and we need to counter such at every opportunity. We really need to believe in ourselves and that anything is possible; I refer us back to the many unexpected changes that occurred even in recent history commencing with Mahatma Ghandi’s peaceful revolution. Twenty five years ago who would have predicted the fall of the Iron Curtain or the Berlin Wall or Apartheid in South Africa. I have had too many admitted Conservatives sound supportive of me nor have I reason to disbelieve those who admitted they supported the Conservatives last time but intend to support me this time. If I am the general I had better believe I will win or will not and should not be in the position. And, as Mr. Ignatieff said recently I would in no way write-off Mr. Dion. It was not for nothing that he got to where he is. Also, we must continue to be prepared since it is likely only a matter of time as to when the election will be triggered. I need everyone’s support in every way possible; I thank you for your support to date and look forward to your continued help. Keep positive and pushing for that richer, fairer, greener Canada we aspire to. Respectfully submitted,

Michael Cormican, Nominated Federal Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge Riding

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