Sunday, June 24


June 20, 21 and 22

Hi Friends and viewers:
Did some door-to-door in Lethbridge on June 20. It was sure a scorcher though so I had to quit earlier than anticipated. It being a weekday many were not home. The reception was especially good in the morning. Thanks Leonard for accompanying me in the morning and Herman in the afternoon and thanks Russ for the business you were rounding up for later.

The most frequently raised concern was the war in Afghanistan, some seeing no sense in it. In general people appeared to be somewhat torn on it. Our hearts go out to the families the latest three young people killed there. It is certainly difficult to justify even one death. The least we can do is support those left behind and pray, wish well and be appreciative of the sacrifices being made in the interest of bringing peace to the troubled region.

Thursday was another hot day. I visited Sik-ooh-kotoki as it was Aboriginal Day, the Rehab Center and a Pow Wow in Galt gardens in the evening. It was very well attended and the music and dancing was spectacular. On Friday, June 22, I and a couple other friends attended a BBQ in the Macleod Riding and met the Hon. Wayne Easter, former Ag. Minister, guest speaker and Hon. Bob Nault, former Cabinet Minister too. Keep tuned!

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