Friday, December 7

Liberals Focused on Winning Next Election

Dion Rallies Liberal Riding Association Presidents –
Liberals Focused on Winning Next Election

MONTREAL - Liberals from across Canada returned home from Montreal today with a renewed sense of focus and full of new ideas. Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion and Liberal Party President Senator Marie-P. Poulin today adjourned the inaugural meeting of the Council of Presidents. The meeting, attended by members of the National Executive, riding association presidents, representatives from the four Liberal Commissions, candidates, former Leadership contestants and Caucus brought Liberals from across the country together to discuss ideas and to prepare for the next election.

"By bringing members of the Liberal family together in this way, we not only promote cooperation between ourselves, but we also highlight our Party's national scope and organizational strength," said Stéphane Dion. "The inaugural meeting of the Council was about rallying our team, discussing ideas and about sharing our optimism for this country with Canadians. In speaking with my colleagues this weekend, I can tell you that we are all focused on the next election."

Over the course of the weekend, Liberals from across Canada engaged in discussions ranging from policy initiatives, fundraising, election readiness and Party governance. The Council of Presidents was created at the last biennial Convention, held in Montreal one year ago, to ensure that the Party's management structure remains accountable to the grassroots. By enlarging the inaugural meeting to include candidates, former Leadership candidates and Caucus, the Liberal Party of Canada seized an opportunity to take another important step towards party renewal.

"I am so pleased at the strength and diversity of our team,” said Senator Poulin. “Whereas Stephen Harper works to impose his narrow-minded view of the country on Canadians, Stéphane Dion works with Canadians at the grassroots. This weekend, he rallied our troops, further strengthening our determination to win the next election." The Party President, in consultation with the Leader, must convene the Council of Presidents annually. The next meeting will be held in conjunction with the Liberal Party's biennial convention in 2008

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