Monday, June 2

Happy Environment Week!

Environment week is June 1 to 7. The theme is, “your action counts”. It's my hope that everyone will do everything they can to be conscious of it and do whatever they can to contribute. It’s in our own best interest.

A good place to start is to ask yourself and others questions. Do we understand basically what is entailed when we talk about environment, why should we be concerned about the environment, etc? Since the week is designated we can expect there’ll be lots on the radio, TV and on the papers; so tune in.

To find out more you can google the word on your computer. To help yourself get enthused, if possible attend presentations and/or demonstrations and discuss with your friends what you and they can do to “lessen our footprint”. Understand what lessening our footprint means! Again check it out.

Actions that will help are as simple as turning off lights when not needed, watering less, ensuring taps don’t drip and instead of running the tap to get cool water to drink fill a jug and keep it in the fridge. Wash dishes by hand and don’t run the tap while washing your teeth. Consider using a rain-barrel to catch the water from your downspouts for the flowers and/or lawn. Installation of low flush toilets is highly recommended.

Change to energy-efficient whatever – even bulbs and a better performance air filter in your vehicle. Considering the price of gas you’ll be happy and you’re conserving for those that come after us. Shop only when necessary and wait until you can take-in several stores in one trip. Use a bicycle and/or walk and you get the added benefits of exercising.

If you haven’t been doing so already start composting, reuse resources as often as possible and lessen, I suggest eliminate pesticides and help lower our cancer rates and other upsets in the chain of life. There's also a push mower for exercise. There's also a weed grabber that neatly catches those dandelions without bending.

Also, I suggest planting vegetables and you can enjoy their frshness. Flowers also help improve our air quality and tickles the heart as they unfold their beauty and scent and attract the bees, butterflys and dragonflys.

Write and talk with your elected representatives and let them know where you stand and how you feel about especially the need to enact laws that will protect our environment including resources.

I’ll be happy to discuss it and your concerns further. Check my website and blog at and/or our Liberal site at Best wishes.

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge

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