Saturday, June 21

Conservatives bypass the Parliamentry Process again.

June 21, 2008

In typical fashion and disregard for the Parliamentary process and Canadians, after Parliament had recessed for the summer, apparently last night the Conservative government posted details of its defence procurement strategy on the Department of National Defence website which shows it spent almost half a billion dollars.

It prompts one to ask why such huge expenditure wasn’t raised while the House of Commons was in session. Was it that they were fixated as visible in media casts trying to tear apart the Liberal Green Shift Plan released yesterday by Mr. Dion.

It’s difficult not to postulate that the timing for the post was chosen strategically in hopes no one would notice it; however some see it as deceitful. If the second speculation is true, irresponsible jumps to mind.

Either way, they obviously have little respect for Canadians in avoiding debate by posting it right after the House had recessed. They must think we’re all fools. How long do they think people will tolerate such behavior? Where is the accountability they preached during the last election campaign? How can they be trusted?

Yesterday’s move by the government to hide its procurement strategy was in stark contrast with Liberal efforts to engage Canadians in an open and honest debate regarding the steps necessary to combat global warming.

Obviously there’s a huge difference between the Liberal Party and the Conservative government. Our leader, Mr. Dion announced a bold and ambitious plan that includes detailed information we will be happy to discuss with everyone. We trust voters will see right through such action when it comes to voting next time.


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