Friday, May 16


Though there are many important issues on the go of recent I believe water tops all. It's not only key to everything we do most of us realize now it's key to our survival. Of course, what I'm talking about is clean or unpolluted water and unfortunately most of us have abused it as well as allow others abuse it without thinking. However, the time of reckoning has come and we realize we need to be much more considerate not only of water but our whole environment and with changing climate and diminishing supplies we need to conserve and respect it. Water being part of our environment is as necessary to the earth as our lungs are are to us. It not only quenches our thirst, it grows our food and helps us keep healthy and we all need to take action in every way we can.

I’m pleased to announce that in response to questions raised with respect to what Liberals are doing with respect to growing concerns about water and it being so important especially in the region the Lethbridge Federal Liberal Association held a policy session on 'water' in March. Because the U of L is developing a Water Institute on campus we decided to take advantage of its resources to further educate ourselves.

Our guest speaker was renowned U of L professor, Dr.Jim Byrne. With Dr. Byrne's assistance, we drafted a background and policy resolution for consideration by the Board and I'm very happy to announce that the resolution was unanimously adopted by the Lethbridge Federal Liberal Association. The resolution has been forwarded to the Policy Chairs of the Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta and the Liberal Party of Canada. It is hoped that we will see elements of our policy in the future Liberal Party of Canada policy platform and I'm pleased to provide both the background and resolution as follows:



Canadian Scientists specializing in water resource issues have clearly expressed that Canada’s water resources are under serious threats due to climate change, pollution and over allocation; and without action to counter this problems, Canada’s fresh water and associated ecosystems will continue in serious decline in the coming years. These threats are documented in the Water under Fire Television Series available for all Canadians, and broadcast on five Canadian Television Networks. Given the severity of these concerns, the Lethbridge Riding Association provides the following resolution.

Whereas; there is increasing concern amongst Canadians with respect to pollution and our environment, especially with respect to water; and,

Whereas; much of the pollution and degradation of our water resources has become readily apparent and visible and is believed by experts to contribute to increasing health problems and declining quality of life; and,

Whereas; Canada’s Community of Water Scientists confirm, corroborate and verify publicly the need for action with respect to diminishing water supplies, declining water quality and a greater need for conservation and improvement; and,

Whereas; independent practicing Canadian and Global climate and water scientists have reached consensus that Climate Change is one of the greatest threats to our water resources, and that Climate Change will dramatically exacerbate current water resource pollution, allocation and management problems; and

Whereas; Liberals are concerned with respect to the extent and increasing pollution and diminishing supplies; and

Whereas; water, especially clean water is essential to survival of all species;


Be it resolved that LPCA and LPC take action, develop and institute policies that encourage individual and collective responsibility to:
• Stop pollution of water,
• Conserve water supplies;
• Improve the quality of water, and
• Establish Canada’s leadership role in Global Climate Change.

Be it further resolved that a Liberal government will ensure that regulations will immediately move to enforce compliance with regulations and provide practical guides and enticements to assure maximum compliance so that we, our children, grandchildren and future generations can live in security and safety.

Submitted by,

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate
on behalf of Lethbridge Federal Liberal Association


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