Tuesday, June 17

Tories’ deteriorating behavior shows their true colors

This is tthe latest letter sent to the Herald on June 12th

At last the Tory Government is showing both its true colors and signs of pressure - shooting from the hip and not even anticipating consequences of its behavior. Hopefully Canadians are noticing this.

It’s obvious the Tories have noted that Mr. Dion and the Liberal approach are in sync with the electorate’s desire for attention on environmental and economic issues. They acted stupidly today, when they seemingly disrespected the long tradition against involving civil servants in distributing political messages on Ottawa streets. To me, this sounds antidemocratic and even desperate.

Obviously, since the Liberal plan with details on carbon-pricing hasn’t been unveiled, they concocted their message from mere speculation on future policy releases. I would expect a reasonable person or group to wait with a response until they’ve reviewed details. However, can we expect much else from those operating and guided by dogmatic ideology created to meet their goals?

Hopefully they’re realizing voters have a greater sense of responsibility than they thought. Canadians know the time for discussion has long passed; the experts are emphatic that we can’t wait until 2020, let alone 2050, for change or use 2006 limits as a guide.

One does not have to be bright to recognize the deterioration that will occur over the next 12 years, nor to realize that business just passes on any costs to us, the consumers.

At last it’s readily visible how crass, arrogant and dictatorial this government is - “planning to run their adds at the pumps” and declaring “we’ll run them on the radio” when declined by the advertising network. Thank you ‘Fuelcast’ for being ethical!

Even the Conference Board of Canada and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives now appear to be siding with environmentalist David Suzuki in advocating a green tax shift. Liberal revenue-neutral policy will ensure we benefit when we comply.

I believe a positive approach is always better. In this case it will be fair to all and will penalize us only if we disregard what’s right; yet will give opportunity to improve things when we change our habit.

The Liberal proposal is designed to reward and encourage responsibility in keeping with use. Canadians want action on Global Warming.

A carbon-pricing approach is rightly in sync with the rest of Liberal policy and will encourage and support responsible investment, innovation, research in all aspects of our economy to help create the sustainable world we want for ourselves and our children.

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge Riding

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