Sunday, May 4


Hi again!

Keeping busy as you might surmise. Though not related to my campaign, there is a piece of great news from our Aboriginal Housing Committee which I want to share: on April 17 we crossed the final hurdle which cleared us to proceed with the much needed and long-talked of housing project. Detailed planning is underway and on May 9th we will be turning the sod for our next stage to make it a reality. Since the Kelowna Accord, it is the greatest sign of hope for opportunity and improvement our local Aboriginal brothers and sisters have seen in quite sometime and we all look forward to the public of Lethbridge joining us in our celebrations on the 9th. We believe this is only a beginning of more to come. I should also note that Siko-ooh-kotoki Friendship Center is working on plans for the 40th Anniversary of its formation. It was founded in 1969.

Recently, Leslie Vaala and I coordinated a review of the Provincial Election outcome locally and sent it to the ALP. This is not quite related but necessary, and an issue from which we federal Liberals might learn something. The big question is how to dispel the cynicism and apathy which has developed and to encourage people to take seriously their responsibilities to vote. Did another test-run in door-to-door campaigning; it looked as if people didn’t believe there was a great need for election. However, since then the Conservative In and Out Scandal has come into greater focus, with the RCMP raid on their offices. There are more encouraging signs and movement upwards for Liberals in the most recent polls.

Thanks to the Herald, my letter with respect to Mr. Casson’s recent questionable behavior regarding remarks about Stephane Dion got published.

Our local Liberal Association committee studying water issues has just concluded our work and presented a resolution to be forwarded to LPCA and LPC. It was unanimously approved at our regular Association meeting on May 3.

I also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Harper, Premier Stelmack, Health Ministers and Medical Associations on the long talked of concern with respect to inadequate numbers of physicians and spaces in med schools. I also raised the exorbitant cost of schooling but have not heard from any of them yet.

In a follow-up to our meeting yesterday I have just drafted a letter from myself and the local Association with respect to the very recent tragedy with the death of many hundreds of ducks on the Fort McMurray tailings pond and have it out for review before forward for publication.

Recently also I participated in a ‘Racism and Discrimination’ workshop at City Hall and was instrumental in organizing the Press Conference and presentation on ‘Seniors in Care Crisis’ featuring Bill Moore-Kilgannon, Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta to help increase awareness of the issue.

Also, I met with Dr. Surya Acharya, President of the local Ethnic Association and was invited to speak at their upcoming meeting.

On May 8, I will be fulfilling a longstanding request to discuss Medicare and Friends of Medicare with LSCO.

On April 29 I, Donna W. and my fellow candidates from Southern Alberta met Janine Krieber (Mrs. Dion) in Calgary It’s always buoys the spirits to be among friends.

‘Til the next update; cheers.


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