Friday, May 9

Tidbits Update again

Since last update some interesting happenings and observations. On Saturday May 3 our local Liberal Association unanimously approved a resolution on water which will be forwarded to LPC and LPCA. My computer was down for a couple days but thanks to my comp guru it’s operating again. Also, May 8 I spoke as requested some months ago with the ‘Common Ground (ladies) Group’ at LSCO on Medicare Issues and Friends of Medicare. I like these ladies feel strongly that we need keep current on issues and latest developments, especially with respect to our prized Medicare system knowing it’s too valuable to take for granted. The timing couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Urgent correspondence from the Council of Canadians, another long established independent public interest group that acts as a watch dog notified me of a planned demonstration set for the afternoon of May 8 to bring attention to potential concerns with Bill C51. The Bill has already gone through second reading in the House of Commons and has raised danger signals with some very knowledgeable people concerned with ramifications and potentially far reaching consequences if the Bill gets passed. Hopefully the public and our representatives have been alerted by the dozens that participated. Apparently, our MP, Mr. Casson denies any need for us to be concerned. However, given the current government’s performance in so many other respects can we trust it? There may be other issues of even more concern too.

Also, lest you had not seen my letter in the Herald expressing concerns with respect to the hundreds of ducks killed by the tarsands tailings ponds it was published. I was told at SACPA by one person that attends a regularly that I was too tough in my remarks about the Oil Company’s responsibility. However, I believe such concern is necessary and hopefully that was the last such occurrence. Also, our policy committee is working on arrangements for the latest timely topic – Food or Oil.

Also, if you are curious and want to understand the “In and Out Scandal’ some have called scam I urge you to check our website. Place your cursor on ‘Liberal TV’; Dominic LeBlanc, MP gives a clear explanation of the scandal. In fact there are all kinds of interesting glimpses from the House of Commons over the past couple of years.


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