Wednesday, May 7

The new ‘Victory Fund’ officially announced and under way

Hi Friends: The much anticipated and needed 'Victory Fund' is under way. It was officially announced by Mr. Dion on May 6th. I thought that in copying the announcement from the LPC site it would automatically route you to the site to make it easy for you since I anticipate you like the rest of us are anxious to see the details. However, it looks like you will have to check the Party on my website or go to the Party site at to hear Mr. Dion. Otherwise below is the message from the site but I encourage you to check it out and sign on. The days of corporation sponsorship has long passed so we're dependent on grassroots funding; that means you and I and I trust everyone will give as generously as possible so we can tackle the Conservatives and get the country back on track again.

The new plan will be a great assurance for the party instead of getting a fraction of what the Conservatives have been getting, and it's fair all around for the party and Riding. Even at $10.00 per month when we consider the tax credit it only the price of a cup of coffee per month and since facilitated by credit card it gives us points as well. Oh! and by the way, it's also a reminder to update membership. Thank you for your support. We really appreciate it. See introduction to the plan as follows:

A Message from the Liberal Party’s National Campaign Directors

Dear Fellow Liberal,
We need your help. A federal election could come at any time and we must be ready.
Today, our Leader, Stéphane Dion, launched the Victory Fund, an innovative new fundraising nitiative created as a means for all Liberals to participate in an inexpensive and meaningful way to finance Liberal victories at both the riding and the national level.

With an election on the horizon, our capacity to communicate our message is critical. New financing rules introduced by the Conservatives were designed to capitalize on the grassroots network they inherited from their Reform Party predecessors; due to this historical strength, Harper’s Conservative’s raised almost four times as much as the Liberal Party in 2007. If we are to compete on a level playing field in the next election, we need to develop similar commitment from our supporters.

If we all pitch in, it won’t take much to make a big difference. Your contribution of as little as $10 per month – shared equally between your riding association and the Liberal Party of Canada – will make this happen. In fact, after your year-end tax credit, your monthly contribution will be equivalent to just $2.50 per month !
Working together to build the Victory Fund, we can close the fundraising gap, build a stronger Liberal Party and be ready to take on Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

In the coming days and weeks, you’ll be hearing more about the Victory Fund from other Liberals in your riding, but please don’t delay – join the Victory Fund today.
Together we can achieve victory.
Yours sincerely,
Gordon Ashworth,
National Campaign Director Greg Fergus, Deputy National Campaign Director

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