Friday, March 11

Recent and Pre-election update and planning meeting

As many are aware from news casts of recent weeks it is getting closer to an election call despite Mr. Harper’s denials of any orchestration. Along with same in other ways desirable to any party or politician “the Gods” seemed to favor him with increased preference in the polls. Everything suggested the stage was being set for election, the likely trigger expected to be a vote of non-confidence over the budget. However, almost like the weather that can quickly change suddenly results of some unfinished business needing conclusion were announced much to Mr. Harper’s and the Government’s chagrin that some suggest now may cause attempts to defer election to avoid accounting. Unfortunately, though hopefully money will not save them the governing Conservatives by their own admission and broadly-known have plenty of cash to help counter backlash as they have already been spending liberally financing dirty adds calling down the opposition especially their biggest contender Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals. Who would believe things could change so quickly. Take your pick, the issues are as follows:

30B fighter jet boondoggle

Bev Oda’s Dishonesty

In and Out Fraud

The ‘Harper Government’ Edict

(Jason Kenny’s) “Very Ethnic” funding request letter

Christine Ouimet’s gag order and severance pay-out; all issues that thumb their nose at democracy and Canadians. Though the government and Mr. Harper attempt to minimize the issues and rulings, speaker of the House of Commons, Mr. Millicken ruled the government in contempt on several issues and noted it as less than honest in costing for the purchase and servicing for the much touted F35 fighter planes. Apparently the cost is almost twice as expensive as they have attempted to lead the Canadian public to believe.

As the saying goes, “eventually the chickens come home to roost”. Despite Mr. Harper’s and his party’s money and expensive attack adds hopefully Canadians will see through them and their misinformation and realize who is the one really looking after the interests of average Canadians.
Who said – “eventually our misdeeds catch-up with us” was right and right will win-out once again!
Also, whoever said “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” or “pride comes before a fall”, were also and still are obviously correct.

It is hard to keep a good person down and eventually the cream rises to the top. Small wonder people do not want dictatorship! However and regardless it behooves us and we need to be ready for a campaign so Liberal supporters and friends are invited to meet and start the planning necessary to win.

Elect Michael Cormican Campaign Pre-election Planning Meeting

Saturday, March 12, 2011
Time: 2pm

Location: 1273 – 3rd Ave. South

Bring your friends and ideas


1. Outline of planning to-date
2. Announcement of office, Team etc.
3. Review of platform, schedules and fundraising
4. Sign-up for committees
5. Qs and As etc.

Come, catch-up, meet friends and have fun! Refreshments provided.

BBQ to follow. Enquiries to (403) 381-7635 or email

Michael Cormican, Nominated Liberal Candidate

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