Sunday, March 13

Update and election preparations

The past few days have certainly eventful not only in Canada but elsewhere. In fact, the destruction caused by the tsunami that hit Japan is downright scary. Really makes one thing how lucky we are and yet how tentative things can be. Then there was the unexpected political fall-out in Ottawa as well as surprise announcements by some Conservatives including a couple of government ministers of their intention not to run in the anticipated election. It is difficult not to wonder what may be
causing such resignations. It was a week I suspect Mr. Harper and the Conservatives would prefer not to have experienced. The rulings handed down certainly lent credibility to the Liberals that have been working diligently working and trying to help get the government accountable. It was a big slap in the face to a government that got to power using accountability as one of their key planks. Who could believe things could change so fast, however; as the saying goes, "the show must go on".

Also, with vacation over and the media projecting strong indications of a likely Spring Election to be precipitated by the upcoming budget you can imagine I felt the need to start preparation s for same. I have already got somethings in place including an office and yesterday we had our first meeting. I shared plans with those attending and received valuable feedback and we finished off the day with a BBQ and refreshments. Unfortunately not all were able to attend the BBQ. I thank everyone for attending and sharing. Watch for announcement of the next meeting and bring your friends as we still need more volunteers. Today I had my first indepth lesson from my friend Kevin to help me get familiar and using Twitter. If you have any issues or suggestions please contact me by email or phone me at (403) 381-7635.

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