Friday, March 25

Great Day Yesterday!

Fracking Conference @ UofL was great. Attendance over 300. Had the honour of attending naming ceremony for the Speaker, Josh Fox, Oscar winner after. Was great; speaker super. He won an Oscar for documentary on Gasland, pollution of water and air and methane gas.

In pm attended a presentation at the UofL by Nizar, Peace and Development, Edmonton on "The Complexities of the Middle-East". He was super; great grasp of it, really helps one understand.

I and Church and Social Justice minded organizations meet him tomorrow for lunch. I just wish more could have heard him. It is great to have organizations and people actively working for a better world and it demonstrates true ecumenism in action since Nizar is a Muslim working for a Christian Organization. He made it all feel alive and understandable.

Looking forward to another great day today!

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