Friday, October 15

Justin Trudeau on Michael Ignatieff

Everywhere he went this summer, Michael Ignatieff invited Canadians into the Big Red Tent.

Each time the bus pulled into an event in one of the 13 provinces and territories he visited, the Big Red Tent grew a little bit bigger. Canadians, shut out by the Harper government, came to see what we were about — “to kick our tires” as Michael put it.

We need to keep bringing progressive Canadians from the left and the right into the tent this fall — that’s why Michael is hosting town halls across the country and that’s why I’d like to share something with you.

If you have friends, family, or colleagues that didn’t have a chance to meet Michael Ignatieff at one of the 160+ events this summer, then send them this video and introduce them to the good and decent man leading the party at the centre of Canadian politics.
Watch and share the video

There’s another good reason I need you to help me make this video go viral.

When the next wave of Conservative attacks come — and knowing Stephen Harper, they will come sooner rather than later — we need to be ready.

We can blunt their assault by making sure everyone we know has watched and shared this video. Because then, Canadians will be able to witness for themselves the strength, the sincerity, and the integrity of the man I’m proud to call both my Leader and my friend.

They’ll see a Leader who respects them. Who listens. Who takes their questions every chance he gets — like he’s doing each week in person and online at our Open mike town halls.

They’ll see a party that offers a progressive, compassionate and responsible alternative to Stephen Harper’s politics of division. A party that chooses families over more corporate tax cuts, and is fighting for their priorities in Ottawa — pensions, health care, learning and jobs.

And they’ll learn about our policies, like the new Liberal Family Care Plan to support caregivers and our Global Networks Strategy to restore Canada’s reputation in the world.

But instead all they’ll see is the Conservative caricature of us — unless you take a few minutes to share the video and say "Come on in to the Big Red Tent!"

Thank you.

Justin P.J. Trudeau

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