Friday, October 15

Campaign Kick-off

Hi Friends:
Summer and most people's vacations as well as the Liberal Nomination are over and though no election has been called we need to get the campaign started so we can win and get the change that people in this riding have been telling us they want. This summer was busier than usual for me including a couple of trips to the US as well as the Liberal Nomination followed by a trip to Ireland. It had been over four years since I saw my family. If you’re interested in checking out the acceptance speech I gave at the nomination meeting please highlight and hit ‘Address to the Lethbridge Riding Liberal Nomination Meeting’.

Though all trips were for pleasure and/or family catch-up the effects of the economic melt-down were evident in both the US and Ireland. People were happy to see us and we were amazed by the great bargains in US stores. “Sales” everywhere were offering half price in their effort to encourage consumers to spend. Ireland has unemployment of 13 %. Like the US the downturn has resulted in 384,000 homes either abandoned or left in an unfinished state and people are very angry. They’re blaming the government for the state of the economy.

Following return I spent a few days in retreat on Aboriginal issues and planning and last week I attended a three day conference organized by the city on Racism and Discrimination. The city is a member of the ‘Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination’. It helped those of us attending realize that racism and discrimination continues especially towards gays and lesbians and that the population at large needs to be educated on it.

On the political level Mr. Ignatieff finished his cross-country tour of Canada which was a great success. He visited over 160 locations providing a great opportunity for Canadians to get to know him. Also, Parliament has resumed sitting and many people were very happy to see the first major release of policy by Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberals, the Family Care Plan’. It offers a clear alternative to Conservative policies and will relieve financial pressures on people caring for sick and dying family members. Considering the population of this region it should be worth approximately $100,000.00. For further details please check From hereon I will be updating regularly, so please keep tuned. You will find the latest from a National perspective at

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate; Lethbridge EDA

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