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Political Update – April 8th, 2009

I anticipate you have noticed from ongoing reports in our media that our economy continues to chug along, though it sounds like with lots of ups and downs, some occasionally suggesting positive signs. It's also great to hear experts and to see some industries taking the lead in greening.

One can not help feeling vindicated and reassured that the Liberal policies proposed during the last election would have been best for the colapsing economy that Mr. Harper was either minimizing or out-to-lunh on as we were obviously the last bastion only due to the good fortune of our resource riches. I keep hoping voters will remember that when it comes to voting next.

It's becoming clearer that the majority of experts concur that we can anticipate the recession being around for a long time regardless of how Canada may weather it. Keep up the greening everyone and hopefully we can change some of the even more scary changes occurring i.e. warming of our oceans especially the gross proliferation of the deadly jelly fish not to mention extinctions and other changes.

As we might expect Mr. Harper and the government continue to put a positive spin on the situation, which I will not fault him for; though none-the-less anomalies and signs of their real inclinations, especially in minimization, containment and cutting frequently break through. I suspect most like myself, hope they’re putting the emphasis on the right spots. In a sense, we’ve got to be condition ourselves like the farmer who quickly learns to hope that “next year will be better”.

I suspect others have observed too and find it interesting how the government has had to eat crow so much contrary to what they tried to make us believe right up to Election Day. Fortunately, we had a determined opposition that forced him to rethink and it appears as though Michael Ignatieff is doing a great job for us keeping Mr. Harper in check.

However, and as we hear from newscasts it is obvious that many of the so called achievements most recent in dispute again the so called ‘softwood lumber settlement’ is raising problems again. Apparently the U.S. has imposed a 10% levy on Canadian softwood lumber imports one more example of how the Harper Conservatives lack a coordinated approach with the new U.S. administration. As Liberal International Trade Critic Scott Brison and Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae said, “it is hurting Canadian industry ... and hurting our workers again.”

Other examples of mismanagement are “the auto sector, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative and the U.S. country-of-origin labelling regulations – known as COOL … yet another example of delays on the part of the Harper government and a lack of coordination with the U.S. and is hurting Canada,” said Mr. Brison.

On a brighter note, the latest opinion poll shows Canadians increasingly favouring the Liberal approach. Feel free to share your opinion with me at or phone me at (403) 381-7635. Have a great Easter!

Michael Cormican

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