Thursday, April 9

Let’s Remember Vimy Ridge

Today is the 92nd Anniversary of Vimy Ridge. Though for may the word Vimy may conjure a vague thought of, “oh yes; I remember that from history” many of us may have forgotten the significance. However, some of us too realize history can teach us lots. Most of us know readily of some of the atrocities committed in the Second World War and realize that we certainly don’t want anything remotely similar to occur ever again.

However, atrocities and injustices continue to occur as still happening in many places in our world, whether in Afghanistan or Darfur even latest is Sri Lanka, and; they will continue unless we all talk about and remind ourselves and each other to speak up and to let our leaders know as well as our friends and neighbors that we don't want such and we need to ensure they take action on our behalf.

Some that will see this may not realize that their grandfathers or great-grandfathers may have fought and even paid the ultimate price at Vimy. So, let’s express our thanks by at least remembering their sacrifices and let’s remember and commit to do all in our power to minimize the possibility of such happening again.

Also, let’s support those brave men and women that defend us. We can do so by wearing red on Fridays or pins are available at the Royal Canadian Legion. Most of us wear a poppy on Remembrance Day but do we think further about the significance of it. Do we reach a hand and thank them for what they did? We need to keep vigilent and often remind ourselves to keep sensitive of the human tendency to forget. To help me, I joined the Legion and I’m aware that some kids are leaving this afternoon for Vimy in France. The following is a release and reminder sent yesterday from Denis Coderre, Liberal National Defense Critic:

Canadian soldiers remembered at Vimy Ridge

VIMY, France - Liberal National Defence Critic Denis Coderre will pay homage to Canadian soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice during the First World War when they captured Vimy Ridge.

"In the name of all Canadian Parliamentarians, tomorrow I will lay a wreath of flowers at the foot of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, upon which are engraved the names of the 11, 285 Canadian soldiers who died in France and whose final resting place is unknown," said Mr. Coderre. "Because of them, we live in a better world today, and we owe it to them to honour their memories in this way."

Mr. Coderre's gesture is part of the Remembrance Ceremony marking the 92nd anniversary of the Battle of Arras, and the efforts of Canadian soldiers in the capture of Vimy Ridge on April 9, 1917.

Of course, atrocities and inequities continue to occur throughout the world. Some of us realize they result from lack of consideration by those of us that are stronger intellectually when we allow ourselves to get caught-up in the race for survival and/or worldly things. Inequities result in low wages and/or lack of benefits and time thus limiting or allowing no choice for many of our fellowman, even neighbors and relatives. Let’s ask ourselves, is this right; and, if not what are we going to do about it?

I say it all looks much better if every member of our society, however close or faraway is doing relatively well. One guy sure can not need millions or billions to live and expect others to eke by on a pittance unnecessarily experiencing pain and wasting valuable time that she/he could be spend on improving his/herself and others; in essence, living decently. If you have any thoughts on such issues please contact me by email or phone me at (403) 381-7635. And, I wish you complements of the season again the greatest being peace and health.

Michael Cormican

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