Monday, April 21

Earth Day and Earth Week a Good Time to Reflect on Climate Change

The following is a copy of the Press Release distributed to media outlets today - April 21, 2008

LETHBRIDGE: April 22 is designated as Earth Day and the Liberal Party of Canada, Lethbridge Riding Association and Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate is encouraging Canadians to view Earth Day/Week as a time to reflect on the urgent need for some serious action on climate change.

“Reconciling humanity with the planet is the most important issue of the 21st century,” said Candidate Cormican. “At the forefront of this challenge is the climate change crisis – the most urgent ecological concern of our generation.

“The old way of thinking – that you have to choose between a clean environment and a strong economy – is not only wrong, it is harmful to both. It demonstrates a lack of ingenuity. It is the way this current Conservative government thinks, and it is they – the old thinkers – who will be left behind.

“Those who will prosper in the 21st century understand that we need to build a sustainable economy for future generations. Just as previous Liberal governments created Medicare and the Canada Pension Plan, we now need to use the prosperity we have created to help Canada address the environmental challenges of the 21st century,” he said.

Cormican said that while Canadians are ready for a green revolution, they need the right leadership to make it a success – and the Conservative government is not providing that leadership.

“Where Canadians recognize global warming as the challenge of our generation, Conservatives are still in denial. They still believe that helping the environment means hurting the economy.

“We believe the federal government needs to be doing its share to build a green, energy-efficient, competitive economy and a sustainable world.

That’s why the Liberal Party has already announced that we would give incentives to increase clean renewable power, such as wind and solar, so it could provide at least 10 percent of Canada’s total electricity output by as early as 2015.

That’s why we have ensured that every commitment we make will have a green aspect to it. Our major support for manufacturers, for example, will help them to produce green technology and products,” said Cormican. “And it is why we have proposed putting a price on carbon”.

The concept of pricing carbon – either through a cap and trade system or a tax – will help people to make smarter choices to avoid polluting our atmosphere, while spurring the innovation to make our companies green leaders in the world economy.

This will be an important part of our broader plan that will help achieve our vision for a healthy, sustainable economy and environment for ourselves, our children and the generations to come.
“However, our plan can not be accomplished without the participation and input from all Canadians. We can not do it alone.

“We will be calling upon all Canadians to embrace our bold new vision and work together to accomplish its goals of a richer, fairer, greener Canada for everyone,” he said.

For More Information contact: The Liberal Party of Canada or Michael at 381-7635 or email him at

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