Wednesday, April 9


To help keep you updated on some of my activities as Liberal candidate the following was sent to the Lethbridge Herald on March 30 though it appears not to have been published to date:

Any fair-minded person would have to admit, Mr. Dion has experienced and withstood more than his share of scrutiny and denigration before and after the election as Liberal Leader. Of course, it would be a bit much to expect those committed otherwise ideologically to agree especially when they contribute actively to it.

Unfortunately, our local MP, Mr. Casson, from whom I expected a higher code of conduct, was reported in The Herald as having fallen afoul in this respect in his enthusiasm and support of such questionable activity. Some see it as defamation. Some, from correspondence sent to him (and copied to me) believe he is abusing privileges granted to him and his office in actively generating and distributing such distorted misinformation. Reportedly he attempted to justify it, even claimed he hadn’t reviewed it. I certainly wouldn’t want anything of which I didn’t approve going out under my name.

I too conveyed my concerns to Mr. Casson on March 25, but as of writing this I have not received a response from him, or even an unapproved reply from his office. Dare I suggest it might prove difficult for him to work up an acceptable spin and suffice it to say he may have gone beyond acceptable bounds?

It’s reassuring to realize there are many people who have a strong sense of decency and fairness, and are prepared to speak up. Let’s hope the dirty and negative propaganda war perpetrated by Mr. Harper and the Conservatives has gone as far as most Canadians are prepared to allow.

It takes a person of strength, integrity and patience to withstand such attacks, lies and misinterpretation for so long. Fortunately, more Canadians are seeing Mr. Harper and the Conservatives (including Mr. Casson) for what they really are; and will replace them, hopefully before our economy becomes a shambles, as historically occurs under a Conservative regimen.

Canadians want an ethical government of vision and action. Canadians want a strong economy that will produce a Fairer, Greener and Richer Canada. Canadians want immediate action on the environment, not smoke and mirror projections for the next 40 years; inaction that will take us past the point of no return.

It was for good reason that Mr. Dion was chosen as the leader and is fully supported by Liberals, especially those who competed for the position. Oh what a team and what a breath of fresh air!

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate; Lethbridge Riding

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