Wednesday, April 9

Calgary Fundraiser with new MP, Bob Rae

On Friday, April 4, I attended a meeting followed by a fundraiser dinner with Bob Rae, former Premier of Ontario and now again re-elected as a Liberal MP in Toronto. It was great to meet him again he is such a sharp and pragmatic guy and it always buoys me up to be among like-minded friends. The meeting was for candidates and key party brass from Southern Alberta to provide opportunity to meet, share information and ideas and reassure us in uncertain times and as to the apparent lack of action by the caucus. Mr. Rae listened to what was said by those present and reassured us that despite what the news media and the Conservatives portray the party is healthy and well, Mr. Dion has a handle on everything and will support an election when the time is right for Canadians.

Mr. Rae also assured us his debts have been paid off and encouraged as he did later in his rousing dinner speech to help others and the party by donating to our max since in the interests of democracy the party now has to depend on the members for its funds. The dinner was a sell-out and at $55.00 a plate was within the average member’s reach. It was great to renew acquaintances and friendships. As soon as the dinner was over I headed for Edmonton as I had arranged to attend a conference on P3s sponsored by Public Interest Alberta. The conference was a most exciting one and most appropo as you will see in my separate report. Keep tuned!

Michael Cormican, Federal Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge

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