Friday, May 27

Review and Renewal of Liberalism

It's great to see the new ideas being suggested and published by the younger Liberals with respect to review and renewal of Liberalism.

I agree with Bal, Tyler and the young folk; we shouldn’t rush into decisions though we need to start working on review and further ideas immediately - in a sense; get our act together, and fast. We must be open to new ideas and possibly loser arrangements as well as look at re-union of Federal and Provincial Liberals. Keep the ideas flowing.

I have believed for a long time that with having separate Provincial and Federal entities we’re feeding into separation and divisiveness which the Conservatives and others would like to continue since it will keep us out of the picture and success that much longer.

Re-union would eliminate duplicity and conflict and the time and energy saved can be put to better use expanding our great red tent. It must be possible since it seems to work for the Conservatives and from here-on we can not afford to waste time or resources; we just need to think of the best interests of the larger entity. Let’s get moving.

Regardless of what is decided this week-end you can expect to hear from me on what we need to do next. A major consideration for each of us must be; to get more people involved. If we are to plan appropriately for the future we must incorporate the ideas of the broadest possible swath of "would-be" Liberals - progressive thinking. Let's remember that basically Liberals are centrists believing in accommodating the most good for the most people as well as being realistic about our surroundings and especially the economy.

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