Wednesday, March 25

Belated St. Patrick's Day Celebration and "Liberal Helpings" Event

Hi Friends - Liberals.

You are invited to come celebrate, meet new friends and hear the latest from Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Leader especially for such celebration. I’ll be linking by phone with Michael just before 8 pm so he can speak to us giving us the latest from Ottawa.

Place: Call Michael at (403) 381-7635 for directions
Date: March 27, 2009
Time: 6 pm

Theme - Belated St. Patrick's Day Celebration and "Liberal Helpings"

We will provide beverages i.e. pop, punch, wine and nibblies. Guests may bring own beverage of choice if they prefer other than provided. We will provide a main dinner dish, a tossed salad and "colcannon"; could you get more Irish than that? So; we'll have basics. (It's been suggested that a pot be in place for those wishing to contribute towards the food) A couple of people said they will bring something additionally and suggested others might do same i.e. nibbly or veggie, or salad or desert or whatever?

Since the event is a fund-raiser for those wishing to make a donation to the party $15 to $25 is suggested for which you will get a tax-receipt. This means that a $25.00 donation costs you $6.25 and you are helping the party to be ready for the next election. I've set the goal at $300.00 for the evening but I expect it to surpass that since as we all know it takes money to do anything, in this case run a credible party and to be ready. Also, please bring a joke or two and a story. A piano [layer is scheduled and we all look forward to a great evening and catch-up with the latest from Ottawa from Michael Ignatieff. I’m excited and looking forward to seeing you here. And, we've even got a professional piano-player.Until then; take care.

Michael Cormican

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