Monday, January 19

Justice needing to be restored in case of Omar Kadhr

I find it difficult to keep quiet when repeatedly hearing and now seeing evidence proving continuing injustice especially to someone who is unable to do anything for themselves. Shortly my last blog insertion I turned the TV to channel 15 to catch-up on Newsworld and happened on the latest update on Mr. Kadhr's case I suspect most people have heard about many times and like many people not believing such injustices and torture still occurs had not taken action to date. The reporters and Canadian Lawyer did a super job challenging and providing evidence that countered almost every piece of evidence attempted by the US defence in the case which is about to go to court. It spurned me to take action and the following is a copy of my action. To contact Mr. Obama I was directed to correspond on his facebook. You will also see that I have sent it to Prime Minister Harper and other significant politicians. Here goes:

Hi Mr. Harper, Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Casson:
Firstly, Mr. Casson since I have difficulty locating and address for Mr. Harper and since I anticipate you have one in easy reach I would really appreciate if you can forward this correspondence to him at your earliest convenience.

Following is a copy of my correspondence and request to President-elect Obama as he assumes the role of President of the US tomorrow. It is with respect to the Omar Kadhr case as noted above. Like many Canadians I expect our Government that appears to have been complicit in the injustices and torture as well to end the continuing injustices being perpetuated and restore Mr. Kadhr's Rights and Freedoms. See as follows:

Hi Mr. Obama:
This is my first attempting to contact with you. Though I had not done so until now and though I am Canadain I have been supportive of you from the start and when some that were supportive of other primary contenders were questioning or making statements that Americans were not ready for a black President I kept reminding them of your ease, sincerity and intelligence. Now I want to wish you well as you start your awesome responsibility. I suspect others may have made the same request of you. I just watched the iinvestigative report on Newsworld on Mr. Kadhr, Canadian being held in Guantanamo and being tried on what appears to be unfolding as the biggest concoction of lies attempting to frame him. Even the CIA and interrigators iinvolved question the evidence being given. I ask that you do whatever you can to end the injustice. I am also about to write to our own Canadian government on the matter. Thank you for your attention. Appreciatively,
Michael Cormican

Thank you in anticipation of positive action.
Michael Cormican

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