Monday, January 19

Happy New Year! May we and our Government be thoughtful of our future too!

I guess it never too late to wish good things, and the year is still young enough to do so. As usual, I always wish the best for everyone. It would be a much better world if everyone tried to cultivate a positive outlook, then no one would feel excluded. Unfortunately, it appears that for quite some time the majority has got into an exclusionary mode, focusing on themselves or their own group, resulting in less consideration for others. We all have a responsibility to consider others and how our thoughts and actions will affect them. Liberals, because of our philosophy, have a special responsibility to reach out and to ensure that others feel included and valued.

Fortunately, towards the end of the last year the sudden changes in the world economy, as well as the winds of change from the USA, forced everyone to re-evaluate. Circumstances forced an about-face to seek cooperation in the political sphere, once again proving that tough time and cooperation bring out the best in us. So let’s keep positive that the new attitude will hold.

Nevertheless, I hope that Mr. Harper will not be too soft under the pressure of trying to respond to everyone. I hope he will be cautious and prudent, since we don’t want a huge debt hanging over us for the long-term future; a situation which could easily happen. I trust he will be reasonable in his upcoming budget and ensure that some thought be given to plans for getting back to normal.

However, all of us have a responsibility to cooperate and be reasonable too, not only in our expectations but in our actions as well. Let’s all show we have learned the vital lessons of prudence and cooperation. We must be prudent with credit, as well as remembering that there will be many who hurt and need our help. In doing this we will realize the positive multiplier effect that occurs when we share.

Also, at this time I remind Liberals of the need to renew their membership and to donate, since the latter (other than increasing the numbers and fundraising activities) is the only way the party can survive. We should not leave all of this to the dedicated few who are the nucleus. We must all make it our responsibility to actively support and give our best to our party, since it is the best the democratic world has come up with. We need only listen to the news to be reminded of what can happen when a society is ruled despotically and tyrannically. We need to minimize the possibility of that happening here.

Our riding is one of the most active in the country, so there are many opportunities available. Monthly meetings are held and there is lots of committee work as well as other activities. Also, there are the upcoming conventions, through which much work is done. If you want to attend these you must have a current membership. For this, you can join or renew online at or; or you may contact our president, Dianne King, or myself and we will be happy to get a form to you. You can also keep up-to-date on those sites. Also, if there is any way in which I can help, or if you have concerns or suggestions please email or call me. My phone number is (403) 381-7635 and email is

Best regards,
Michael Cormican

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