Thursday, January 27

Report on Liberal Winter Caucus, Ottawa; January 26, 2011

I just returned from our Federal Liberal Winter Caucus held in Ottawa, January 24th and 25th. What an up-beat and exciting event! It is awesome meeting and discussing such important issues for our well-being with such incredibly dedicated and positive people from across the country.

The schedule and themes were as follows:
Day 1. After kick-off by the three Campaign Co-chairs we got underway with a session the Importance of Compliance with the Canada Elections Act. These were followed by sessions on the Riding Services Package and Communications as well as an address from our Leader, Mchael Ignatieff. He also fielded questions. Fundraising, membership and the importance of Liberalist was emphasized.

Day 2. LPC Report, Election Readiness, Polling and Strategic Messaging occupied the morning and in the afternoon we had a rousing Economic Update led by Ralph Goodale, Scott Brison, Alexandra Mendes and Marc Garneau. Highlight of the day was a swinging address by Michael Ignatieff to much applause and several standing ovations. Emphasizing that we are ready he summarized the policies developed as result of our many consultations with Canadians over the past couple of years and which will assist in helping us move forward as well as regain Canadians’ trust as well as our respect in the world. We also visited the Liberal office and the Leader’s Office and concluded the day with a fundraiser at the ‘National Arts Center’ where we met dynamic young people anxious to do battle. For further details call me or join me for a coffee at the Food Court, Parkplace Mall from 4 to 5pm today, Thursday, January 27. Hopefully see you later.

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