Saturday, May 16

Recent Nuclear Power Survey

Hi Whoever and Government of Alberta:
I refuse to complete this obviously slanted, so-called survey seeking my opinion but as in the opinion of the imminent Doug Roche in the Edmonton Journal on May 6, 2009 and to paraphrase him, it is obviously "slanted" to squelch the opinion of any of the public that might be against nuclear power so the industry and Government can say they sought people's opinion. As Mr. Roche further said - "It is not so much the technical feasibility of bringing nuclear power to Alberta that needs to be examined and commented upon, but the political, economic and ethical wisdom of such a move. I am against nuclear power. There are plenty of other, safer and much less expensive alternatives available to us to provide and enhance our power needs i.e. sun, wind, methane etc. as well as cell capture. Let's just remember that the half-life of spent rods alone is 500 hundred years (meaning they continue hot/radioactive for at least that long. Give us a break.
Michael Cormican

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