Monday, July 7

A Canada day to Remember

Well; by now anyone living in or having anything to do with Lethbridge are aware of the downpour we experienced here on Canada Day. It dampened many celebrations including the BBQ we had planned. As some will recollect, the weather had been turbulent since the rains of a couple of weeks earlier with thunderstorms hovering around including on Canada Day.

By noon as we prepared for the BBQ it started appearing dark and nasty and quickly it got darker in the West. Soon it was raining and suddenly it darkened more and the thunder and lightening increased in intensity as did the rain. As it appeared to come in torrents Gloria happened to go to the basement and noticed water pouring through a hole developed in the wall in the bathroom, called us and for the next one and a half hours she, I and our daughter worked frantically scooping the water into the bathtub and toilet to keep it from spreading into the rest of the basement.

Shortly afterwards the calls started coming from many who had planned on attending the BBQ telling us they would be unable to make it and reporting basements and streets flooded, cars submerged and police blocking travel. I attempted contact with others who had planned on attending but was unable to get to everyone by BBQ-time so a few made it through. Though the recent happenings and lack of numbers lowered spirits ten of us enjoyed the opportunity to chat, reminisc and kibbitz with each other for a few hours. Hopefully, as the farmer thinks next year will be better. Given the increasing turbulence of our weather and environment everywhere it is difficult to not think of it as related to global warming.

Anyhow; thanks to those that made it through and were able to party with us. Sorry to those that were disappointed and given our own firsthand experience with the flooding and damage all I can say is that I hope you will get it all sorted out amicably.


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