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November 20, 2006
I'm very conscious it's been a long time since last contact; before going on vacation. Since then I've seen and took in alot. Attended a couple of weddings in Ireland as well as been in New Zealand and Australia and had a super time in all locations. It was most interesting down under and our friends , the Spearmans' relatives treated us like royalty. Outside of that as you can imagine I have been busy with work and all the many commitments in community and politically. Our oldest son, Sean and wife, Sandra in Edmonton had their first, our first gradchild on June 11 so we fitted in a cople trips there before vacation. However, we got sad news in Australia informing us that Neala will have to have a liver transplant which they and the team are preparing her for. Needles to say we visited a couple more times since return. Also she has been in hospital 3 times since initial surgey a few weeks after birth and they expect her to hopefully have her transplant before the end of the year, so keep them in you prayers. Also, our second son, David and Sheeba from Toronto will be getting married in Edmonton on Dec. 23. Enough of that.

Well, obviously if you're reading this you keep tuned to what's happening politically and you might even wonder why you don't hear from me in the local media. However, as I intimated earlier in the year I suggested that the new Government deserved a chance to get established and one should be fair to them. Their record to date speaks for itself and it becomes a matter of whether or not you agree with the direction they are taking us. As you might guess I certainly do not agree with most of the direction and hope that once we have the Leadership issue of our party resolved we can feel secure in challenging them more seriously. Sooner or later they will lose out in support. I have a lot of concern about the direction they have taken with respect to farming and I'm hugely concerned about the degree of our involvement in Afghanistan especially so each time young Canadians come home in bodybags. And it is sure interesting to note the change in politics amongst our neighbors South of the border as well as in Britain and it will be interesting to see what impact it will have on people's thinking here too. We need to be carefull about governing from an ideology that must embrace extremes and risk polarizing our great country. Fortunately, once experincing the reality of power as Government they have had to modify their stance on some of their policies though I wish they would modify more of them. However, that's where the need for party opposition comes in.

During the months since the election we Liberals have been busy at all levels in soul-searching and policy development which will be unfolded once it is honed and presentable enough for proclamation and our new Leader is established. You can bet it will not be extreme or polarizing. And, how do you like the cuts to the arts and other programs at a time when Governments are surplussing! Typically, in post-election times the public do not feel the same intensity in need to be involved, however due to the leadership race we have been kept very busy meeting and hearing the Leadership Candidates as they came through here. And, it behoves all of us to remain involved and on the alert to challenge the extremes as we continue to welcome those new to the party. It was enjoyable and invigorating to hear each candidate's vision for our country and we trust we will all be on the same page once the dust of the Convention settles and don't put away the running shoes too soon since some suggest we may encounter an election by Spring. Thanks for your continuing support and please call me if you have an issue, topic or suggestion you want to discuss. Let's hear your vision for us and our country. Vive le Canada.
Michael Cormican

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