Monday, June 19


Update June 13, 2006

Well, here I go again after several weeks of a hiatus. I feel somewhat remiss but life must go on, and as you can imagine I must follow through on the other responsibilities with the housing and other political meetings etc. Also, had to catch-up outside and get the yard and garden prepared. Already it’s looking great. This past weekend, I attended the Provincial Liberal Convention and met with Maurizio Bevilacqua one of the Federal Leadership Candidates, and briefly met Mr. Kennedy this morning in Lethbridge (though I had to leave early for a work meeting). On Sunday, Gloria and I became grandparents for the first time. Our son, Sean, and his wife Sandra had their first baby, a girl; mom and baby Neala Anne are in great form. Such events are special occasions to be treasured.

I trust you have been keeping up with the Federal scene through the press, TV and email and may be aware that we have already had 4 candidates visit Lethbridge. Unfortunately, because of other commitments, I only got to meet 2 of them here (and the other in Edmonton). Others too have committed to coming though as you can imagine we have to bear with their schedule since they obviously can not afford to just come to Lethbridge but make prearranged circuits to various areas. Unfortunately, because of their many commitments some of the arrangements appear last minute as they have to flex to meet those commitments. Depending on the time available their managers and our President Diane King arrange a packed schedule which includes meeting the media, public meeting and where possible meetings with Liberal supporters. Usually the schedule is advertised in the paper, radio and TV. The next Leadership contender, Dr. Hedi Fry is expected on June 30. I think it is fairest that I not provide my observations or interpretation of them and their attributes other than that I think it is fair to say that each contender has their own unique strengths. I admire all of them for offering themselves since as you can imagine it is not an easy responsibility to take on and obviously there can only be one winner in the end. In fact, it is an awesome responsibility to stand for such a position and they deserve all the support we can provide.

A point I would like to draw your attention to is if you are interested in becoming a delegate to the Leadership Convention in Ottawa in December, you will need to purchase membership in the party by June 30. If you need or anyone you are aware of want to become or renew membership please call me or any member of the executive to obtain a form. I can be contacted at 381-7635 or by email: Also, if you are interested in keeping up with information on the candidates, all can be accessed on the Liberal website. Let’s keep positive and look forward.

Michael Cormican

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