Wednesday, March 22

Hi Folks again:
Last evening to help recap on Liberalism I came across a small book in Chapters though found that Pierre E. Trudeau’s – ‘Towards a Just Society’ is out of print. For those who might be interested I will pass on tid bits I find helpful. Also, want to share that the next renewal session is scheduled for April 29. As soon as we’ve settled the location I will post it.

Also, I want to share that this evening I attended a most informative session on ‘Water’ held at the Lethbridge Public Library. All four speakers were most engaging on four different aspects of water. Water appears so common be it in the form of rain, snow or our rivers and lakes most of us take it for granted and appear to think it will always be there. Then there’s the sea which covers most of the earth, however, we speak of ‘fresh water’ that we all need to survive as does all of nature as well as the food we eat. The longer I live and the more I think about our environment and resources the more I realize everything is so dependent on everything else and especially how manage them. Some of us wonder how it all comes about and will it last. We hear what sounds like doomsday people expressing concern however the evidence is beginning to mount up and thanks to the great people who study whatever aspect of it we have great facts and understanding of it if we pay attention. Looks like some of us don’t even realize that we have some of the best experts in the world here at LCC, U of L and our water management people and though it sounds like they are doing a super job for us we too need to do our part; even more than they do since there are so many more of us.

Our snow pack, especially glaciers are melting at alarming rates, while lakes and rivers are drying up and all becoming more polluted than most of us realize and we waste it in so many ways. Did you know that it takes 6 barrels of water and two loads of sand to produce a barrel of oil; and we produce a million barrels of oil per day, not forgetting the pollution from fertilizers and pesticides which has all kinds of repercussions on nature including disturbing nature’s genetics. Think as to why we have such alarming increases in cancer! It may help a little to wash our fruit and vegetables however studies show that as many as 37 chemicals are found in modern commercially grown food; so our safest bet is organic. We may have lakes stocked with fish but in some instances they never spawn and complete the life cycle because they don’t have the right conditions for such. As I have often said; we don’t have to be rocket scientist to realize that “when we change the course of a river the environment around it is also affected”. We can take simple steps to help this resource and problem by as simple a change as installing a new conservation designed toilet. So I encourage you to make it your business to take the simple steps needed. Learn more about it by taking the time to go listen to these learned folks on our doorstep who are volunteering their time. I trust you read the article on the front page of the Lethbridge Herald last Sunday. And, you ask what has this to do with politics! I say lots. The attendant issues have far reaching effects i.e. what kind of world are we going to leave for our children, grandchildren and succeeding generations. An old adage – “a penny saved is a penny earned” can be changed to “a drop, a glass or a bucketful add up”. Numbers count so join the movements to save, be it our water, healthcare or whatever. As Margaret Mead said, “a vocal group though small, if persistent can change the world (our community)” and we sure need such more than ever; and that’s part of politics. Keep tuned. Sincerely, Michael Cormican

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